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Change is something to embrace, not fear. David S. Wolfman Consulting: The Human Side of Change® was founded to help you embrace change and move forward toward new possibilities, whether it’s in the congregations and organizations you lead or in your own life and career.

It’s human nature to avoid change in order to avoid conflict. By avoiding that change, however, you can be creating the very conflict you want to avoid. I can guide you though the daunting and exciting process of Change and Transition, even when those changes may involve the highest levels of conflict.

I have served the Jewish community for nearly 30 years and have been blessed to be in a network of the brightest and most creative professionals in the field. I have formed a complex and comprehensive network of resources who freely share expertise, learning and, when appropriate, cross referral.

It has been my privilege to help hundreds of individuals and organizations find a way forward through my extensive professional training and real-world experience. I am proud of my results and I look forward to assisting you.

Please contact me directly to learn more about how I can help you or your organization negotiate the Human Side of Change®.